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Root Explorer apk is one of the best file manager apps for rooted android users. Root Explorer can access all the files involved in the Android OS, the root explorer pro apk consist of Google drive, multiple tab options, Dropbox, text editor,  multi-select, execute scripts, bookmarks, permissions, sending files, search, network support, create and extract zip files, create shortcuts, image thumbnails, send files via Bluetooth, remount, execute scripts, XML file viewer  and box.

Whenever you open the root explorer app from your Android device or PC, it will allow you to access all the files stored inside the root explorer application. This can support all kind of games which makes the users convenience. Most of the android users use this app to hack games for offline. You can store all the data and information’s on the app which can keep it safe. This app also consists of inbuilt security features make the user lock the data to pretend from the hackers. Let’s see how you download & install root explorer app for android & windows computer PCs, also a small tutorial on how to use it. You can also download the latest version of Blackmart alpha from this link, which is a great play store alternative you should know about.

Root Explorer Pro Apk Download For Android 2020

What is Root Explorer?

Root Explorer is one of the file managers for Android that enables you to access system files or apps data. As the name itself suggests you need to have root access to use this amazing file manager.  You can download root explorer apk from the link below.

Download Root Explorer .APK

Name Root Explorer
Developer XDA
Size 3.8 MB
Cost Free
Stable version v5.0.16
Compatibility Android v4.0 & above
No of downloads 5,87,000+
Official Link

Download Root Explorer APK

Root explorer apk can be directly downloaded from the download button below. So this ensures you to download only original Apk version from online. There are some private websites also advertising to download the app for free. Try to check before going to access the features from those websites. Here we provide the instructions and steps for downloading the apk for both Android and PC.

Download Root Explorer .APK

Download Root Explorer apk

Install Root Explorer

As we know that root explorer apk can be downloaded directly from the above link, we also provide the guide to install the app on your device. Follow the instructions to download and install the app,

  • First, visit and download root explorer apk from the above link.
  • Then enable the unknown source to accept the apk file on your Android device.
  • Now start to install the apk file from your Android device.

    Install Root Explorer Apk
    Install Root Explorer Apk
  • It will take a few minutes to complete the install process.

    Installing Root explorer
    Installing Root explorer
  • After successfully installed on your Android device, open the app.
Root explorer apk installed
Root explorer apk installed

Update Log

v5.0.16 (NEW)

  • Tab size settings added. (previously not available)
  • Fixed problem with executing scripts.
  • Fixed authentication problem with DropBox, Google Drive.
  • Fixed an issue with accessing SMB.
  • Enhanced search results.
  • Also, lots of minor bugs are fixed for improvement.


  • Updated DropBox API.
  • Added few extra tweaks for non-rooted users.
  • Fixed minor bugs.


  • Added tabs support for browsing the files.
  • Added sort by Kind, Created options.
  • Added overflow menu for creating new files, folders.


You should have few things before trying to download root explorer app from the below download button,

  1. Root explorer app works only on devices which are rooted already. If your device is not rooted, the first root your device by any android rooting apps like iroot apk from here.
  2. It is a paid app, you should purchase the app by paying money from online and start the downloading process.
  3. Make sure your device can support the app else update your Android device settings.

How to Use?

Root Explorer
Root Explorer

It can be used easily, but for the beginners, they could get some struggles at the initial stages. Root explorer apk mainly works as file manager, which will help the user to open, close, delete, copy, paste the files or contents available on the device storage. This is not fully protected with the highly built-in security system, so you no need to go for any other security application to protect your information’s. This can also run on your PC by using the Android emulators. It helps you to hack paid Android apps, you need not pay any premiums for the apps anymore. You can also download any games for offline from the Google play store by using the hacking method.

  • Open the installed root explorer from your Android device by clicking the icon.
  • Now root explorer will open to access.
  • Search for the files you want to use or view.
  • Delete the unwanted folders, images, files, etc.
  • If you want to open a folder or zip file open it by creating the new file.
  • Once you open the root explorer, it remains open until you properly closing it.
  • Do not allow any unwanted files or malware functions to access your information.


  • This is the best file manager for the rooted devices.
  • It allows hacking all the games available in the Google store, if don’t need any android game hacking app, you can install game killer apk.
  • You can search for any files, specific parameters from the stored information. You can check the following screenshot for that information.

    root explorer search
    root explorer search
  • If you try to hack a game from plays store you need to confirm the code generated from the game option.
  • You can also store as much as games on your device according to your storage capacity.
  • All the data regarding the offline games also stored on the app’s server.
  • You can also update the files, documents, applications from the app.
  • Root Explorer has tons of settings, and customization options to give a shot.

    Root Explorer app preferences
    Root Explorer app preferences
  • This app makes your device to work smooth and easier without any disturbances.
  • You can modify your device settings accordingly.
  • The best part about root explorer is it integrates with Google Drive, DropBox, Network (SMB), and Box cloud storages easily. And the setup is seamless.

    Root explorer features
    Root explorer features
  • You can open multiple tabs.
  • You can edit your text content as per your wish.
  • You can also select one or more files at a time using multi-select options.
  • You can bookmark your content to access at any time.
  • You can also open, delete, close any folders or files.
  • You can send files through Bluetooth, email, etc.
  • Also, you can able to view all kind of files.
  • There are no restrictions, So you can do anything on your Android device.


If you have on Android v6.0 (Marshmallow) or above, then you have to allow some permissions to use this app. They are,

  1. Contacts
  2. Storage

    Root explorer permissions
    Root explorer permissions

Contacts permission is only needed if you are integrating any third part cloud storages like Google Drive, DropBox to your Android local storage.

Root Explorer For PC

For installing root explorer apk on windows computer PC, you should have the Android emulator. All the Android apps run on the PC version with the help of Android emulators. If you want to use this app for all types of PC like Windows, Mac and laptop install the emulator first. First, download the Android emulator from the web. download bluestack emulator, which is used by most of the windows users around the world to get root explorer for PC.

  1. Install the Bluestack on your PC.
  2. Now download the root explorer apk file from the link above.
  3. Navigate to the Downloads folder & double click the downloaded file.
  4. A pop-up message will appear confirming the app installation.
  5. After a few moments, the app will be installed on your computer.

Note: Make sure your Bluestacks is rooted before you install root explorer apk, or downloaded the rooted Bluestack emulator instead,


Is this root explorer safe to use on Android devices?

The safety depends on you if you maintain the app without deleting any important file of this app it remains safe on your android device. If you fail to keep the files or deleted some files from an app, it may cause damage or problems to your Android device. If you’re sure about any files or instructions on the app visit this official website to clarify it. Don’t delete any files, items on the app without knowing anything about it.

Are all games and apps supported for root explorer?

All the offline games are supported by the app. But online games are not possible to hack using the root explorer. Because it is connected to the online server, root explorer can only to manage the file stored on your device. Also, it can support all kind of apps and games irrespective of the genre. If you’re into hacking Android games or in-app purchases do mind to download freedom apk for Android from the developer’s website. Or else check out apk of cheat engine android here.

Do I get banned for using root explorer apk by developers?

No, you will not be banned by any app or game developer for using the app. it is designed in such that way, so any app or game developer can’t find any users for using the root explorer pro apk to hack their apps.

The device indicates installation blocked. What should you do?

Your device may block the installation process for unknown source settings. To enable the unknown source from your Android device settings and start to install again from the beginning.

Root access is essential to install root explorer app?

Nope, you can install root explorer apk on non-rooted Android phones as well, but you cannot access Android system files and other games data. For that, you need to have root access. Well, you can take benefit of other features, having root access would be the icing on the cake.

Root Explorer needs root access
Root Explorer needs root access


Root Explorer, a successful app with over 16,000 five star rating users. It is a paid app service in Google play store. We provide refund option to the users who have not satisfied with the app usage. They can get the refund amount within 24 hours. It provides excellent support for the users for their queries, you can also access the games for offline, and download the apps from stores easily. Games can be downloaded for offline except a few online games.

As we have provided more information about the root explorer apk for Android & computer PC file management. This is the best among all apps available for Android device file management. Root explorer app provides unique features to the users and perfects to on rooted Android device as well as for PC with Android emulators. Hope you found something from this root explorer pro apk post, if yes feel free to share with your friends.

Hope you found something from this root explorer apk post, if yes feel free to share with your friends.

Sharing is caring!